trying something new: sculpture

Despite having a pretty full plate, I've been itching to experiment a little bit and try something new. I haven't really done much sculpture before and it's such a different thing for me so I figured I would give it a shot. I love animation, sculpture, and set design so it's somewhat related to that. I don't really know that I'd ever make animation myself (super crazy time intensive) but I really do enjoy stop animation like the Box Trolls and Wallace and Gromit. I have a lot of ideas for 3D things and so I bought some bricks of Sculpey and some sculpting tools and I'm slowly learning how to make things. Here is a picture of my first attempt at a character sketch/design as an exercise for my picture book and some teeny little sculptures I started with: Lisa Kurt //sculpture //

and here they are after baking in the oven...not too much different but less shiney:

Lisa Kurt //sculpture //

Making them was a mixture of fun and worry for me. I was worried about them breaking in the oven, I worried they wouldn't look good, and I did have to redo a couple parts because of the way I held the pieces as I was working. It gets me thinking about how I should build them in the future and how to work the details in next time. The next step for these is to paint them, which will be a completely new experience for me to paint sculpture, but I'm looking forward to it since I love to paint. I also want to make a larger piece but I need to study how to build armatures first so it doesn't fall apart as I build it. Wish me luck!!