lisadraws2015: month one January 2015

As I mentioned earlier this year, I'm undertaking a daily drawing challenge where I make a commitment to drawing everyday and then sharing it online on my Instagram feed. Not only do I find it hard to believe January is long gone but I am shocked we're already so far through February. I've been drawing and sharing one #lisadraws2015 post on Instagram every day. Below is a little review of what I drew in January 2015 and at the end some takeaways I got out of the project for this month...lisadraws1.1.1 lisadraws1.1.2




I've been thinking again about why I wanted to do this project and make this commitment to drawing everyday and the biggest reason was to push myself creatively in a new way. In making art, I realized that I tend to be very strategic and thoughtful but maybe too much so. This was a way for me to loosen up, have more fun, and worry less that everything I produce is as perfect as I always want it to be. As you can see- there are many less than perfect sketches above. Some made me cringe in sharing because they are so goofy or rough or drawn poorly but I did it anyway.

Another goal was to give people access to some of my process and maybe a bit of my brain. I view my sketchbook as a sort of secret world I carry around with me. I rarely don't have it in my bag- and if I ever leave it behind, I immediately become anxious and worried and can't stop thinking about not having it with me. Now I do have some sketches in there that I don't share- this process has actually gotten me to sketch even more than I imagined. Some nights I'm exhausted and can barely get anything out and other nights I'll spend a good chunk of time making something special.

I think the thing I hoped for but has been one of my favorite parts of the project has been the interaction between the work I post and the reactions and comments I receive. I love that people care and have been so supportive and sweet. I feel like I've gotten to know more people and gotten to know some people better because of it. It has increased my confidence in a good and much needed way as well as allowed me to feel more like I'm a part of a community. Being an artist can be solitary and though I don't feel lonely- I do adore the exchange that seems to be growing because of this project.

Until next time- xo!



fox drawing in sketchbook I've been mulling over a number of projects for this upcoming year and one of the hardest parts for me is to commit to the most personal projects or doing things purely for myself. I have a lot planned this year including writing and illustrating a children's book, 4 solo shows, an artist residency, and numerous teaching gigs. Just writing that out makes me gulp a little bit and my heart beats a little faster with anticipation, excitement, and some fear. Many of these projects are well under way and I'm building out my schedule which makes me feel a bit more at ease but still...I have a ton of work to do!

Anyway- it's often my most personal projects that suffer when it comes down to it. I've wanted to create a repeatable project for ages and I've started some and stopped some and I never really committed to them like they deserve. This year will be different! Because of all the projects I have and my busy schedule- I need to draw a lot. When I paint a lot I tend to drop down on drawing and I can't let that happen this year- drawing is my comfort and it's where my new ideas come from- I cannot live without it. So I got a couple new sketchbooks, I have some pretty papers, lots of drawing materials and too many ideas to count. If you want to follow along on this 365 journey, please follow me on Instagram at lisakurt. I am so ready to do this!