Imaginary friends

One of the series I am working on in my studio is imaginary friends. There are lots of sketches but not many finished pieces just yet but today I did complete another one. It's called finger trap and yet again, another creature was abandoned with no one to play with... bunny friend with finger trap

No fingers and no friend who conjured him....wonder what this little bun will do to occupy his time. Maybe if enough imaginary friends get together they can have a party....or something. We'll see.

You might remember this other little friend:

abandoned imaginary friend I


This little is Abandoned Imaginary Friend I and this piece was part of the Small Works Show at the 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY in December and January. I also created limited edition prints for the Holland Project's Holland Editions.

440 gallery small works show


I've been having some fun with these little'll be seeing many more in the future. I'm excited to see how their adventures will unfold.