Sketchbook: week 4

Here we are with sketch number 4! I've been thinking a lot about female characters and role models and stuff like that lately- more than I'll delve into here. It seems strange to me that more characters in movies, tv, and video games aren't female...or if they are- why aren't they better written to better inspire everyone? It's complicated for sure...but I'm guessing not as complicated as these industries would like us to think it is. It seems like a lot of people out there underestimate women as a default which is unfortunate for us all. So I give you this brave lady: Honeybadger girl


If you think honeybadgers don't care....and they don't....well look at how much she cares about the honeybadger. And maybe that honeybadger is even her spirit animal. So there.

I would not underestimate her.