Sketchbook: week 6

This week has been full of fun projects, including 2 commissions- one of which is complete- hooray! I'll be able to share more soon. I've still managed to keep up with sketching - this week entailed a lot of quick and rough sketches as I had more ideas to capture before I forgot them. Here is this week's sketch I want to share with you: girl in bed with ghosts around her


I've been continuing on with my ghost series, as you can see. This little sketch has a lot of meaning in it to me and will very likely get painted because of it. I've been thinking a lot about my grandmother- she passed away years ago but was a very important female figure in my life. She loved a good story and I think I get that trait from her. She was artistically inclined- as is my mother and one of her favorite places was her bed- she loved to read, sleep in and just hang out in her bed. I have a vivid memory of my grandfather showing me a picture of her lounging in bed with a book and him saying how much she just loved to be right there with her thoughts. I also love my bed- I love sketching, daydreaming, reading, and napping in my bed- it's just the most comfortable, coziest, and safest place to be vulnerable and be yourself. Some of my best sketches come from late at night, just before I settle in to go to sleep and I have just a burst of ideas I need to capture. If I don't get them down right then....they sometimes are lost forever. This is one of those sketches.