artist profile video

Lisa_Archer_artvideoshot The past weekend, Tweaking Reality Studios came to visit me in my studio and one of my favorite magical places while they made this stunning artist video of me. It is not always easy to share as an artist- there are pieces of me that are difficult to convey, emotions run high, and a vulnerability that breaks you open and leaves you exposed. It might seem dramatic and it certainly feels that way when I immerse myself in making a lot of art. Once I finish a large art-making run- I often feel a little like I'm coming out of another world altogether; I wasn't even sure if I could do this video because I felt so drained, vulnerable, nervous, raw. Fortunately for me, these fellow artists captured me in video in a way that only fellow artists can; they understood me and that is such a lovely lovely gift. Thank you so much to you Elspeth, James, and Luke for seeing me and my art and for creating a time capsule for me and my son and my art. I'm so grateful.


Artlist Profile: Lisa Kurt from Tweaking Reality Studios on Vimeo.