Welcome to my big art adventure!

welcome sketch So here it is my new art and illustration website full of arty goodness! As you can see, I'll be blogging here, updating my portfolio, my store, sharing the latest news and events, sales, sketches, and all kinds of art related things. There is going to be a lot going on over the next several months and I'm really excited to share all of it with you!

Some might be curious how I got here, so here's the short version...

I ditched the day job, along with the stability of an academic tenured position on August 16, 2013, to pursue my art dream. I've worn many hats over the years including horse trainer, graphic designer, and librarian- I still love and in some ways participate in those areas but my true love is creating art. I did go to art school and I have always drawn, painted, and made art in some form or another over the years....but I also had a period of time where things were pretty bleak art-making-wise.

When my son was born in 2010, I began to re-ask all those big life questions and several events and scenarios led me back to my art roots because I really needed an outlet. In many ways I felt like an angst-y teenager all over again and at times I felt like the art was just coming out whether I liked it or not. But I knew that the discomfort and at times outright heartache I was feeling was leading me to something real and beautiful. My little family not only supported me, but pushed me to be better and things became clear that no matter what, I realized- I needed to be an artist!

So with my amazing son and husband, and a whole lot of wonderful friends and family behind me- I had so many people wanting me to make art, encouraging me in a million ways, and helping me make art in some form or another. There are a lot of you out there that may not even know the impact you've had on me but thank you- truly. I'm grateful for all the experiences I've had and for those to come.

There is a lot planned for this little website...I'm so glad to have you here! Stay tuned for more good stuff...new work on deck!